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Membership Types

Golfing Term Membership

  • Entrance fee RM 3,000 net.
  • PROMOTION RM 2,500 for each group of 5
  • Free Induction course and handicap test

Social Term Membership

  • Entrance fee RM 1,080 net.
  • A member shall be entitled to use all facilities except golfing. Use of Driving Range is permitted.

How It Works

Join our members' family and get all sorts of discounts on buggies, golf games and access to our club's facilities!

Initiation Costs

Start your golfing term membership by contacting us to join. 

Annual Dues

If you opt in for the lifetime membership, which a lifetime of access to our beautiful club and its features, the price tag on that is 35,000. 


The term membership, on the other hand, is priced at 3,000 per year. 


Get access to our amazing club facilities. Some of Tiara Melaka’s facilities include but are not limited to, a 50 meters swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, sauna, squash court, snooker, and an outstanding gymnasium!



(606) 231-1111


Jalan Gapam, 75460 Bukit Katil, Melaka, Malaysia

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